Kit out your kitchen with Global knives

A good knife is a key part of any kitchen, they enable you to do so much more with your food, and you don’t need a different knife for every occasion either! Lots of knives do lots of different jobs and many do more than one, and if you’re a home cook, you won’t need a professional kitchen’s worth of knives! Knowing what knife can do what will set you on your way to having the perfect set.

Cook’s knife

A cook’s knife is a great one to start off with, it’s versatile so you can do more than one job. They are big (around 20cm), sharp blades that will handle things like meat seamlessly, but the flat side of the blade is great for crushing things like garlic. Stanger’s Cookshop offer a great range of Global knives, which are handmade to provide the best results every time. They are perfect for professionals or amateurs too.

Kitchen knife

These knives are smaller than a cook’s knife, measuring around 11cm. They are perfect for cutting things like vegetables or smaller pieces of meat. If you are a home cook, you probably won’t need to have several different knives just for individual chopping tasks, so a knife such as the kitchen knife means you can use it for more than one thing (of course, always make sure you give it a proper wash if it’s been used for meat)!

Bread knife

Another kitchen staple. While slicing bread is it’s main use, the bread knife can be used for more than just bread! The serrated edge is also great for slicing soft items such as fruit and vegetables. Don’t try to use the bread knife for any delicate chopping though!


A chopper is perhaps the most versatile of the lot if you know how to use it. It may seem a little daunting because it’s so big, but really it can do just about everything! The point at the end is good for delicate slicing, it’s a long blade so it can easily cut through any sort of meat. The flat edge is big so it can crush garlic easily, and the handle can even be used to ground up things such as nuts!

If you’re just starting out on getting your kitchen together, or want to treat yourself to some new knives, then a set is ideal. Global do a set of seven knives with a case. It includes a cook’s knife, a carving knife, a boning knife, and four smaller knives including a vegetable chopper, and peeling knife. This sort of set is perfect for anyone starting up their tools, or expanding on what you already have. By buying good quality knives you are ensuring that they last for years. It may also be a good idea to buy a sharpening tool such as a ceramic stone as blunt knives can be more dangerous that sharp ones, as they can easily slip off tough foods. It seems so obvious, but don’t forget to always be extra careful with knives!

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