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There are plenty of big name cookery brands out there with stores all across the country and their products sold in well-known department stores. However, not everyone is naturally attracted to big brands. In fact, some people are put off by it. There’s a good market for local produce, and it’s a market that touches the hearts of many. There are some people out there that would rather put their money into local business and produce, supporting the small business man by buying their groceries at family run shops and so on. In some cases, this applies to all aspects of life, not just food.

This is where Stangers comes in, though it’s not exactly a small business. Stangers is located in the heart of Jesmond in Newcastle upon Tyne, and it’s clear from their website and marketing that they are proud to be local. They supply high quality cookware from names like Le Crueset and Appolia, along with glassware and kitchen equipment for the cooking connoisseur or the person looking to stock their restaurant kitchen. Stangers as a shop is all about choice, offering a huge range of everything that could possibly come under the heading of cookery in the first place. Check out their website to see what they have in stock, going from cookware to knives, woodware and glassware. This fantastically diverse range means that you’ll never want for anything to do with cooking and food preparation, even if you just want to present your meals in the nicest way possible. After all, you have all of the well-known, high quality brands present under one roof.

There are certain things about Stangers that set it apart from your standard cookware store. For one, there’s an added bonus for any couples about to tie the knot. If you register your wedding list with Stangers, you will receive a complementary bottle of champagne and two free spaces on any cookery course or demo! Not only that, but you could have your list devised from scratch with a consultation, all you have to do is check out the website and contact the necessary people to get the ball rolling. A quick look at their website shows that they also offer competitions to interested customers, giving them the chance to win some fabulous cookware of their own. Stangers clearly wants to get their customers involved and invested, and what better way to do that than offering fabulous prizes?

Despite its name, Stangers Cookshop is from strange or mysterious; it’s an incredibly friendly and helpful service with a delightful home grown twist that’s bound to have a lot of appeal in spite of the fact that it stocks big brand names. It’s local, they have everything that you could possibly want, and on top of that delivery from them is 100% free, which not many other companies can offer. If you’re in the North East and live in or around the Jesmond area, then Stangers could be your new favourite cookware provider.

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