What Makes A Good Dinner Party

Dinner parties can be great fun; it’s a fantastic way to get your friends together and do something a little different. And let’s be fair, we all like a bit of sophistication every now and then and there’s something just about the term ‘dinner part’ that evokes a sense of elegance and glamour.


It goes without saying that if you’re going to throw a dinner party then you need to have the confidence to cook well whilst playing host to your guests. The traditional dinner part requires at least three courses: a starter, the main course and the dessert. It’s important to thoroughly plan your menu and only provide a menu that you know you can cook. Now isn’t the time to be getting experimental with what you’ve got left in the fridge. Make a plan, prepare everything beforehand if you can, though you may need to cook some things during the party. Give yourself enough time and take into account that mistakes do sometimes happen.


While the food is a very important part of a successful dinner party, so is the food presentation. The aesthetics of the meal has swiftly become an equally prominent part of the dining experience, so this is something that you should be emulating at your dinner party. We’re not just talking about the way you present the food either; it also applies to the dinner table. Serving up bread and grapes on a specially carved board will have much more of an impact than simply plunking it on one of your ‘every day’ plates. Companies like Stangers provide a huge range of glassware, plateware and cutlery for you to choose from; a spectacular-looking table is a sure fire way to impress your guests.


This is a tricky one to pull off and many a would-be-host has had to stand back and watch their entertainment go down like a lead balloon. It’s not really a crucial requirement either – you certainly don’t have to hire out your local band- – but it’s also important that your guests aren’t bored. Some tasteful entertainment, be it music or games, can be a great way to finish off a fun evening. Just take care; your tastes might not be the same as your guests and you certainly don’t want to force them to do anything they don’t want to. Your guests shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable.


The important thing to remember when throwing a dinner party is that above all, your guests are here for your company. Sure, there’s delicious food that they don’t have to cook and they get to be treated like royalty for the night, but it will all fall flat if their host spends the entire night in the kitchen. A good dinner party is all about balancing; balancing the cooking with your hosting duties and making sure that neither suffers in favour of the other. There are certain things that you must do as a host for a dinner party: make sure your guests always have a drink if they want it, be involved, and don’t keep them waiting for their food.

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